Show me the money

This is a post about a meandering thought on which my brain snagged over weekend, the hypothetical question of  “what would your organisation do if one of the free social media platforms they’ve invested in suddenly required you to pay to use?” I was particualarly thinking about Twitter as an example of this. Many councils […]

What’s your style?

I have been fighting the Battle of Excessive Capitalisation. This battle is but one in a war against legalese, verbosity and poor grammar which is fought daily in trying to set and maintain clear communication online (and probably in offline comms too, although that’s not my area). So, where is it written that we capitalise […]

Read all about it

I blogged a few weeks ago about some ad-hoc small scale research Dave Serjeant and I were undertaking into news / press releases published on county council websites. Our research was really to satisy our own curiosity but will probably also be used at some point as context when we review what we’re doing here. […]