Show me the money

This is a post about a meandering thought on which my brain snagged over weekend, the hypothetical question of  “what would your organisation do if one of the free social media platforms they’ve invested in suddenly required you to pay to use?” I was particualarly thinking about Twitter as an example of this. Many councils […]

Epic Social Media for the Public Sector – Scotland

I had a great time this week speaking at the Epic Social Media for the Public Sector event in Glasgow this week and thought I’d do a quick round-up of the presentations and the thoughts that occurred to me. Slides and videos for the presentations will be available on the Public Sector Web Network website […]

LocalGovCamp 2011

This post is overdue by a couple of weeks but with getting back to work and scribbling away on the dissertation (and a modicum of laziness truth be told) I’m just getting round  to it now. Saturday 18 June 2011 saw LocalGovCamp return to Birmingham and once again it proved to be beneficial on both […]