Answer me this…

What do you understand by content strategy? Does this mean anything to you or is it just another ‘buzz’ phase you’ve heard floating around? Is it something you’ve been working on for ages but you call it your ‘website strategy’? Is it something you think you should have but don’t know where to start? Well, […]

Content strategy WTF? session at UKGC12

My second post about UK GovCamp 2012 to try and capture what happened in the two sessions I co-hosted with Carl Haggerty on content strategy in local government. Our session on Friday afternoon was a good chance to explain the work we’d both been doing and our thinking about content strategy (Carl is working on […]

Content strategy linkapaloosa

With UK GovCamp fast approaching (Friday 20 and Saturday 21 January) I’m starting to think about sessions I’d like to attend or could pitch. Top of my list is content strategy in government and I’m hoping that this could make a good practical session on Saturday (or equal would make a good chatty session on […]