Say anything:Google’s Sidewiki

We’ve had lots of debate in this organisation (and I’m sure it happens in every organisation as they explore the online channel) about opening up our website and its content for users to comment on or adapt. This has focused on specific areas such as discussion forums or the more general ideas of making our […]

Search-centric vs the signpost

There have been a couple of revamps of council websites recently which are far more than a coat of fresh CSS. Westminster and Lancashire have gone all Googly and made their primary (as in the one they push at visitors) navigation a search engine. This is a big shift away from the standard for local […]

Getting the conversation started

I gave a presentation last week to other teams in the public relations division here. They covered an overview of social media and its use in online communications. Generally I think the presentations were well received and hopefully will help us make some moves on updating existing policies and making use of relevant social media […]