Globe Alone

Right – I’m winding down into holiday mode so jumped on the chance to feature some guest posts. First up is Lauren Noakes on the Google Earth Enterprise for the Public Sector evemt held at Google HQ on 3 November 2009. Lauren is a cartographer with the British Geological Survey so creating maps for a […]

Wave potential

The swell of hype has been building in the geek community over Google Wave for a while and a couple of week’s ago the next stage of the launch happened – 100,000 received invites to have a play and see the platform for themselves. It’s early days (it’s only in preview, not even Beta yet) […]

Cafe conversations

I wrote a while back about a dream I had to set up a Social Media Cafe for Derby and Derbyshire and now that dream has become a reality! The first Derby/shire Social Media Cafe took place at QUAD in Derby on 1 October. It was a very informal gathering but I was thrilled that […]