Jumping through hoops

It struck me the other day (not for the first time) how difficult most online transactions are with official bodies. Not just councils, although they have their fair share, but other agencies and even companies delivering services on their behalf. This didn’t strike me out of the blue. I have recently been ‘invited’ to take […]

Power to the People (reprise)

I first blogged asking for people to share their experience of devolving authorship responsibility back in June. From the response I had then and since it seems that this is a thorny issue that many of us (as local government web people) are grappling with. As a theory, creating content for an organisation’s website and […]

Search-centric vs the signpost

There have been a couple of revamps of council websites recently which are far more than a coat of fresh CSS. Westminster and Lancashire have gone all Googly and made their primary (as in the one they push at visitors) navigation a search engine. This is a big shift away from the standard for local […]