Content strategy in local government

There is nothing more powerful than a bad idea that’s time has come, to paraphrase author Robert Rankin, and so it was that I found myself launching into a part-time Masters just a few days after my eldest son’s first birthday. Now I’m out the other side I’d have to say perhaps bad idea is […]

Ticking boxes

Yesterday marked the end of my maternity leave and I spent the day in Manchester (a city with which I am in love) splitting my time between an exhibition and meeting in person a fellow girl gov geek who’s tweets and blog posts have inspired me for a while, the absolutely lovely Louise Kidney. While […]

CitizenSarah reports

In November 2010 I decided that while I was on maternity leave for six months I would keep a note of each interaction I had with public service. I would actively try to engage with all levels of government and other areas of public service, such as the NHS, digitally where possible. This is what […]