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Show me the money

This is a post about a meandering thought on which my brain snagged over weekend, the hypothetical question of  “what would your organisation do if one of the free social media platforms they’ve invested in suddenly required you to pay to use?” I was particualarly thinking about Twitter as an example of this. Many councils and public sector agencies have invested time and resource in using the platform – some still using it as a …

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#lgovsm 18 March 2011

So, it looks like I’ve volunteered to be your host for the #lgovsm chat on 18 March 2011. It’s a temporary post while the wonderful @loulouk is being epic at LocalBySocial NorthWest. At 1pm, I’ll be hosting a one hour live conversation on Twitter and this week we’ll be talking about the essential social media tools in your localgov kit and how you discover new stuff to use. It might also be fun to see …

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Social internal communications

I’ve done some switching around in my time on the old internal / external communications front. I started out as a journalist, became and intranet manager and now sit (sometimes uncomfortably) on the fence as an all purpose online communications officer. My role covers both our external and internal sites and I am beyond fascinated (nearing the city limits of Obsession sometimes) with how the social web can drive them both for communication and engagement. …

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