So, it looks like I’ve volunteered to be your host for the #lgovsm chat on 18 March 2011. It’s a temporary post while the wonderful @loulouk is being epic at LocalBySocial NorthWest.

At 1pm, I’ll be hosting a one hour live conversation on Twitter and this week we’ll be talking about the essential social media tools in your localgov kit and how you discover new stuff to use.

It might also be fun to see what your top five tools / platforms / ways of using social media are (I do so <3 a top five) but let’s see where the conversation takes us!

I hope you can join me at 1pm, Friday 18 March 2011 – just follow @lgovsm or the hashtag #lgovsm. You can also find out more about this weekly chat and transcripts of previous topics over at