Stuck on you

There is a definate nip in the air so it must be time for Grit Girl to pull on the gloves and prepare to put some plans into action. This year has definitely been the year of all things grit related for me. There hasn’t been an unconference go by where I haven’t ended up […]

Stop, collaborate & listen

Out of one of those random Twitter conversations comes another potentially useful place to share experience and knowledge with other local gov folk. We’re currently gearing up for the project to redesign / rebuild our public website and I tweeted a couple of people at other authorities I knew were a little further down the […]

Getting to know you

When was the last time you took a stroll through your website and looked around at what was there? Did you look below the surface at not just what was there but evidence of how it was working (or not) for your site visitors? It’s one of those tasks that is often pushed down the […]