Out of one of those random Twitter conversations comes another potentially useful place to share experience and knowledge with other local gov folk.

We’re currently gearing up for the project to redesign / rebuild our public website and I tweeted a couple of people at other authorities I knew were a little further down the line or recently relaunched. Within a day we’d gathered a number of like minds and Liz Azyan had suggested we find a space to share more fully.

From this Ken Eastwood set up a Huddle for us all to join, discuss and share our experiences and knowledge around redesigning council websites.

There are already some interesting and useful discussions happening around user research and testing, technology, information architecture and content migration.  Potentially this could help share good practice, hints and tips between authorities and somewhere in there is a saving I’m sure 😉

If you work in local government and have experience to share or questions to ask about redesigning a council website contact me or Ken Eastwood for an invite to Huddle.

46 thoughts on “Stop, collaborate & listen

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