Well, almost. And what have I done?

This blog has been dormant for most of it. I started 2012 with the intention to blog something about local government digital comms every week. And like all resolutions I started off strong. Then life, rather than laziness, got in the way.

But my early commitment was fuelled by Dan Slee – he encouraged me to blog every week – and from his enthusiasm and gentle pushes on Twitter Weekly Blog Club was conceived.

Even though I’ve not actively been posting since March I’ve kept an eye on the Weekly Blog Club and been impressed not only with the wide range of curated content but also the genuine support network it’s become.

It seemed only right that in breaking my own blogging silence I recognise Weekly Blog Club.

Mainly helmed by Janet Davies it’s also had guest editors curate the posts to spread the load. It’s encouraged people to start writing on subjects that interest them, helped them get something from blogging on a personal and professional level. All this from an off-the-cuff jokey tweet about my own lack of commitment to regular blogging.

Whether or not you write, whatever your interests, if you like reading original words and thinking then I’d strongly suggest you start following on Twitter or head over the blog.

What about me in 2013?

I suppose it’s time to get back on the blogging carousel!

I’ve been writing (a lot) in 2012 but not about local government or digital comms. It’s still my day job but my writing this year has been focussed on a different subject, albeit one just as close to my heart; music.

I’ve been incredibly honoured to become a part of the Louder Than War editorial team and be given opportunities not only to write about, but meet, some of my most favourite artists. It’s taken some getting used to one of my Top 5 Music Journalists of All Time being my editor but it’s wonderful to get feedback on my writing and work from someone who’s own writing and ethic I admire very much.

Anyway, if you’re interested in that side of my writing you can find my author profile on Louder Than War here.

It’s also time though to get back into writing for this blog on local government and digital comms. 2013 will be a big year on this front – the work of the Government Digital Service and GovUK has transformed central government but this year could be local government’s time to harness the pockets of innovation and really move forward as a sector.

There’s interesting things happening on that front and I’ll blog more about it in the coming weeks.

For now though, it’s time to press publish and see if all the sparks still fire in the right places 😉

Oh, and happy New Year everyone!

4 thoughts on “Another year over…

  1. Happy New Year, Sarah! I too need to get writing more in 2013, and not just on my site!

  2. Thanks Peter 🙂
    Good to be back – I’m only going to blog when I’ve got something to say (radical I know) so it might not be regular but hopefully my hiatus is over!

  3. Happy New Year to you too Andrew 🙂
    Yeah – let’s see more of your writing (and hear more of your music too)!

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