This is a bit of an odd post but I’m just trying to ease myself back into the habit of blogging as it seems my mojo took the opportunity to get lost over the last few months.

So, as a way of breaking the seal and getting back to posting here is a catch up post on what I’m using right now.


I’m afraid I don’t do technical specs or anything like that but this much I can tell you:

  • Mac – still running Tiger and in desperate need of an update. Usually use Firefox as the browser and barely look at Safari these days.
  • PC (work)
  • Netbook (Dell Inspiron Mini 10″) – running Ubuntu, Open Office and Firefox. Tend to use it for writing when away from home or at (un)conferences.
  • iPhone 3g – probably my most used bit of kit now. Used for casual social network browsing at home as well as when out and about. Rarely use it as a phone though!


That’s not a great heading but hey, I’m out of practice. I really mean the places online I am to be found most often at the moment.

  • Twitter. Still my favourite social network. Is the first online thing I check in the morning and last thing at night. I use Tweetdeck for iPhone and on the Mac, Hootsuite for the work stuff and have also been trying out Twitter for iPhone in last week.
  • Facebook. But mainly for work purposes and to keep up with people who are only on that network. And for pictures.
  • Foursquare. Have been trying this out on the iPhone. No real pull for me as an individual but can see some possibilities for use at work.

Once in a blue moon

Flickr, LinkedIn, YouTube, email (I tend to forget about my personal email although I still received loads at work) and websites…yes, websites

Online is all about people and connections for me at the moment and I’ve noticed I’ve been spending a lot less time on information, news or e-commerce sites.

What are you loving or loathing at the moment?