Well, my intention to blog every month went by the wayside somewhere during the first half of 2014. Fortunately for me that hasn’t stopped the amazing music coming and even more fortunately I have been keeping a note of it elsewhere.

I meant to publish this list around July but that intention also went awry so here, on a dreary August bank holiday is (finally) a list of the best albums I’ve had the pleasure and honour of hearing, all released in the first half of the year.

They are presented in no particular order of preference from me and I’ve linked to my review on Louder Than War where I’ve written about them.

  1. Egg Hell – Once Part of a Whole Ship
  2. Gruff Rhys – American Interior
  3. Simone Felice – Strangers
  4. Blank Realm – Grassed Inn
  5. Let’s Wrestle – Let’s Wrestle
  6. Hatcham Social – Cutting Up the Present Leaks Out the Future
  7. Hospitality – Trouble
  8. Ed Harcourt – Time of Dust (mini album)
  9. Bird – My Fear and Me
  10.  Ghost Twins – Never Fear Total Failure
  11. Gold Codes – Gold Codes
  12. Dean Wareham – Dean Wareham
  13. Lapland – Lapland
  14. Secret Colours – Positive Distractions 1 & 2
  15. Patterns – Waking Lines
  16. Lakefield – Swan Songs (mini album)
  17. East India Youth – Total Strife Forever
  18. Brian Jonestown Massacre – Revelation
  19. Martha – Courting Strong
  20. The Horrors – Luminous
  21. Latimer House – All the Rage
  22. Keel Her – Keel Her
  23. You Blew It! – Keep Doing What You’re Doing
  24. Damon Albarn – Everyday Robots
  25. Ava Luna – Electric Balloon
  26. Peggy Sue – Choir of Echoes
  27. Vulkano – Live Wild Die Free
  28. Biscuit Mouth – Doing It Right and Doing It Well
  29. Lorelle Meets the Obsolete – Chambers
  30. Jimi Goodwin – Odludek

What have you heard in 2014 that is good? Leave me a comment or find me on Twitter.

2 thoughts on “Albums of 2014: half-year list

  1. Can I press you for a top 3 or top 5 Sarah, just to save me some time? 🙂 #lazyme

  2. Strong choice on Lakefield and Jimi Goodwin, but there’s a lot more there I need to check out. I’m a big fan of the latest Samoans LP Rescue, and somewhat more predictably the latest Elbow and Sharon Van Etten efforts. I really need to check out the latest St Vincent effort too. So much music, so little time!

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