Who’s a happy camper?

It’s really quite amazing when you look at – four days on from UK GovCamp 2011 and people are still using the passion and drive they gained from the event to generate and share content online. The hash tag is still going strong and new blog posts crop up all the time. People are still […]

Turning the volume down

In the last week or so I’ve noticed something about my own use of Facebook and Twitter. I’v e always used the networks in different ways, for different purposes but increasingly I’m marking that difference in another way too – through the level of noise I will endure. Facebook I use mainly for keeping in […]

Abandoned outposts

I’ve been reviewing the social web outposts we’ve set up as an organisation over the last couple of weeks alongside thinking about digital strategy. All of this has led me in some interesting thoughts and discussions but one thing that doesn’t seem to get talked about, even when thinking about governance, is shutting profiles down. […]