What’s your style?

I have been fighting the Battle of Excessive Capitalisation. This battle is but one in a war against legalese, verbosity and poor grammar which is fought daily in trying to set and maintain clear communication online (and probably in offline comms too, although that’s not my area). So, where is it written that we capitalise […]

Do councils need websites?

This was the question posed by Peter McClymont for his LocalGovCamp Lincoln session and the answer may not be as easy to come by as you think, even when presented to a room of council webbies. In fact it isn’t even quite the question which needs answering. A more appropriate way of phrasing it, as […]

Social media usage / participation guidelines

This seems to be something that plenty of people in local gov are trying to work on at the moment and it’s not always easy, so I thought I would just post up where I’m at with it in case it was useful to anyone else, and if you want to be useful to me, […]