Gov geeks headed for London on Thursday 4 March and gathered for another LocalGovCamp unconference. With so much to pack into a day we were asked to use just one word to describe why we’d come along and what we hoped to get out of the day as we did a round of introductions. My […]

Digital drive

The news arrived yesterday that Derby has decided to name one section of the inner ring road after a local figure. Having already renamed the A52 dual-carrigeway between the city and Nottingham Sir Brian Clough Way who would be next? An online poll run by Derby City Council shortlisted three Derby-connected people and opened the […]

Old life vs New life

I’m currently undertaking the Digital Media and Society module as part of my masters. It’s been great to get stuck into as it meets up with not only so much of what I am currently working on (online local gov) but also my undergraduate work and first industry (journalism and newspapers).It’s been good to retreive […]