Whether you’re a small business or an established organisation working with me will help you create content which connects your to your customers, and makes conversations great experiences which convert to paying clients.

I’ve worked with content – online and off – for the last 20 years across the public sector, music industry, creative businesses, and in high street retail. I know the power of content to connect you with your customers and clients, and to not only help you tell your story but provide them with great experiences they’ll return for and talk about.

I can help you with all aspects of content which helps your customer conversations and conversions:

customer conversations and user research | content strategy | content design | UX writing | content marketing | editorial planning and calendars | channel strategy | style guides and tone of voice | social media management | organic and paid digital marketing | measuring your success | copywriting | influencer marketing | brand

Ways to work together

Training and mentoring

I love working with established teams and helping them to overcome obstacles and fulfil their individual and group potential through my training and mentoring offer. I’ve designed and delivered big transformation programmes and worked at junior and senior level in content and digital teams in both the public and private sector, as well as having experience as a team of one in my own business.

I’m an experienced trainer and over the years have helped hundreds of people with their digital, content and communications skills so whether it’s one-to-one, small group, workshop or classroom style get in touch to discuss and we’ll put together the training which is perfect for you.

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Current workshops

Vital Facebook Skills

Delivered with Dan Slee our one-day Vital Facebook Skills workshop will update all you need to know on getting the most from the dominant social media platform. From the diminishing place for Pages, to the growing need to engage in Groups, plus how to create great content to serve your audience and the algorithm, and how to spend a little to get a lot from Facebook Ads.

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Creative content: plan, produce, repurpose, and evaluate to create content which connects

You’re posting to your social media platforms and responding to comments every day but how often do you get to put a plan together in advance, or do the evaluation so you know what is working and what isn’t? You might love to sink into a book but how good are you at finding the story in the services you’re trying to engage people with? Can you repurpose content to make sure your message is right for the platform and audience, without taking up time you don’t have in a busy day?

In this workshop we’ll look at ways to plan and repurpose content when you have very little time, how to tell stories which resonate, and drain the data swamp to make sure you’re getting straight to the stats that matter for your evaluation.

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Content for the customer journey

If you need to move people toward using your digital services, or are looking to make cost savings or raise revenue through how people access you online then getting your content right is key to success.

In this workshop we’ll look at good content design practice for informational content, creating effective short copy on transactional journeys (for example in forms, on sign ups, in checkouts, and for errors), and also the best promotional copy practice around for both organic and paid content on social, and when adding to your website, blog, or mailing list. This workshop also includes a look at tools that can help you understand your audience to create the right content for them, and how to test what you’ve put together to make sure it’s the best it can be to get you results and keep your customers satisfied.

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Instagram Essentials

In this workshop we’ll cover the basics of Instagram including the types of account, and the audiences and demographics you find on the platform. We’ll look at getting the most from your Grid and Stories, the opportunity with IGTV, and how to present your brand in an authentic way to build reach and engagement. Whether you are wondering about hashtags, thinking about Ads or influencers, and how to measure success we’ll get you grounded in the essentials to make Instagram work for you.

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LinkedIn: getting value beyond recruitment

Many people brush up their LinkedIn profile when they’re looking for a new role but it’s the social network with the a high engagement rate, and active user base made up of decision-makers it’s got potential beyond recruiting or being recruited.

In this workshop we’ll look at how organisations can use Pages and Groups on the network, but also how they can nurture a culture of employee advocacy in their organisation to have staff share messages and build reputation.

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Support for your team and projects

If you’re looking for interim support for your team, or to scale up flexibly around a project, get in touch and see how I can help. With strategic and tactical experience of user and customer experience, content strategy and marketing, social media management and digital engagement, I take an evidence-led approach to communications and love helping organisations start and join conversations which matter.

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Reviews and recommendations

Whether you are looking to review your whole website, a specific customer journey, or your social media or email marketing I can bring my academic, strategic and tactical experience of reviews or help you design and deliver a larger programme of user research to find out what your users need. From this review I’ll create and help you understand the opportunities so you can make sure you’re not missing an opportunity in delivering services and providing information online.

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Strategy review and development

The digital landscape is constantly changing and doing so fast – meaning the strategy you developed even 12 months ago needs reviewing to make sure you’re still doing the right thing to meet your organisation and user needs. Working with you I’ll make sure you have the latest information on audiences and platforms, and have worked through short- medium- and longer- term opportunities to put you in the best position to meet your goals and put your resources and effort in the right place.

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Events and public speaking

My talks focus on conversation, connection, and collaboration and how great content can create these experiences so if you’d like me to come along to your event – whether it’s a small local networking group or a large scale conference – do get in touch.

I have previously spoken at events including LGCommunications Comms Academy, Granicus Annual Conference for the Public Sector, and WEBBOS in Stockholm as well as smaller scale events including Women in Music panels in both Derby (Women Amplified) and Liverpool (Writing On The Wall).

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