This article was first published on Louder Than War on 30 May 2013.


With three album behind her Zee Gachette can hardly be considered a ‘new artist’ but with a new EP from her current band Z-Star we think her seductive vocal wrapped around a chunky soul groove deserve a wider audience.

Sometimes music is just something you listen to and sometimes it is something you feel.

You stand in front of a stage and you feel not only the physical vibrations in the air but something less tangible, the energy of the artist as the creative spark igniting the performance before you. Everyone’s been to at least one gig like that, right?

But even for artist’s that excel at projecting their energy live it doesn’t always transfer to record. Zee Gachette, in her Z-Star incarnation, doesn’t have to worry about that with her frankly wonderful new EP, 16 Tons.

Nowhere near a new artist, Zee is already a musician’s musician with massive global performances under her belt and indeed three albums already released under this name but the buzz around her is growing taking her from sidelines to centre stage.

The EP is full of energy, full of wonder, just full of life. There’s all kinds of great sounds to luxuriate in here – a Hendrix-inspired riff, a Led Zep-influenced groove, smoky vocals that go from blues to soul to disco and all the way back again. The sound is seductive, creative and just downright good.

All words by Sarah Lay.

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