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We’ve had an ear on Gun Club Cemetery as a New Artist of the Day for a couple of weeks now.

Their no nonsense rock n roll won’t be for everyone but it’s caught the attention of Bradley Wiggins amongst a lot of others online.

We caught up with Alex Lowe (previously from Hurricane #1) for a chat about the band, their future and the state of the music industry today.

This has been a mad week for Gun Club Cemetery. Things had been building slowly for them since they formed six months ago and started putting out their no-nonsense rock n roll. But this week, online at least, things have started to fly.

Alex explains: “Yeah, it’s been a mad sort of week! We started off with around 88 followers (on Twitter) and now we have nearly 60000! It’s amazing.

“Bradley Wiggins is a fan which is great! And my old mate from creation days Alan McGee seems to like our sound.

“I’m not sure what happened on Twitter to be honest – people either add you or don’t – they must like what we are doing.”

They must like it indeed. With an EP out to download and a number of tracks available on their web page there is only a little bit of material available to get people hooked. But while the tracks might be few in number right now they certainly seem to be doing the job.

There is a nod to Oasis, to Alex’s old band and to many a straight down the line guitar-led rock staple.

We asked Alex how he would describe the sound and the band’s direction: “I would definitely say we are not into pollitics or religious views. Each to their own I say.

“I think we have a raw rock n roll sound with no frills. We are a three piece band that just strum big guitar chords but our tunes are very melodic in a sense.

“I love to write a song that everyone will remember, the melody is the most important thing to me as a songwriter.”

Amongst their followers and supporters are plenty of mod-culture lovers including Bradley Wiggins himself. Is this is scene they tried to be a part of?

Alex says: “It’s real funny, we don’t describe ourselves as a mod band but we have a large mod following which is great.

“We are just a straight down the line rock n roll band.

“We love the Stonesthe BeatlesThe Who and I am a big Americana music fan. I love Townes van Zandt and would have loved to have played with the guy, but he passed away in ’97 just when Hurricane#1 were about to take off.”

I ask if the industry has changed since Alex’s Hurricane #1 days, whether he’s noticed a difference this time around?

“It’s early days with Gun Club Cemetery so I cant compare it with Hurricane #1. Not just yet anyway but I am hoping we achieve bigger success than Hurricane#1.

“The industry has changed big time. It’s all to do with the internet now and, good to say, live shows.”

Amongst their most vocal fans on Twitter is Alan McGee – founder of Creation Records (to which Hurricane #1 were signed) and music impresario. As well as tweeting heavily in promotion of Gun Club Cemetery he’s been musing on whether he should open up Creation again. Does Alex think this is what the industry needs?

“Alan is, first and foremost, one of my closest friends.

“If it weren’t for Alan I probably wouldnt be doing this interview but anyway, yes I think Alan should start Creation again and come back with some cool ideas.

“The music business just now needs a kick up the ass!”

Whether or not Creation gets back into the business Gun Club Cemetery have their own plans underway.

“We start recording the album in November for a March release, I would say. And we have new management and a few label offers.

“I think we will be touring constantly next year begining in February / March time.”

All words by Sarah Lay.

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