Always on my mind

Today is International Women’s Day and lots of people in my Twitter stream are sharing the names of women they find inspirational. There are lots and lots of women who have inspired me professionally (and become friends) but today there is only one inspiring woman on my mind and that is my mum. As time […]

What I use and why

I read an interesting post by Carl Haggerty recently called ‘Why do you participate with social media?’ which he’d written after seeing a presentation on the subject. I have, on occasion, asked myself the same question – why do I participate? Broadly (and a bit lazily) I usually summarise with a) It’s useful and interesting […]

History: Part Four: New SMS Waiting

I’d sort of forgotten I was meandering through this series about my online life to be honest. Then, last night, the subject of this installment played out as part of my dream. It didn’t play out in the dream exactly as it had in real life. Because in real life I have never run a […]