Drive, my Hawkmen, Drive!

The power of social media comes through again as a Facebook group leads to TomTom adding Brian Blessed as a voice option on their satnav products. As with most Facebook campaigns the page seems to have grown pretty organically, passing the 25,000 ‘likes’ that TomTom wanted before going ahead. Probably, like me, most people joined […]

Social networks & their place in business

And now for something completely different… Continuing with the guest posts we have Matt Saunders of Northern Web (web design and marketing) with a post about social networks and businesses. This is a step away from the usual public sector / online stuff I post but a change is as good as a rest (and […]

A view of the other side

Image by The Library of Virginia via Flickr A little bit out of the ordinary for this blog as I don’t tend to review or reflect on commercial websites very often. However, there were a couple of things that struck me about a car dealer’s website I was looking at today. Now it is worth […]