As part of being more accountable to myself and keeping focused on the goals I’ve set for the year I’m aiming to check in monthly. This post is mainly for my own benefit…

My professional goals and progress toward them:

  • Letting Go – no update from last month really but actively noticing what I’m saying no to and checking in with myself on why. Progress: GREEN
  • financial – the focus on this is definitely paying off across my businesses and in securing the future. Progress: GREEN
  • learning – I am loving my online courses and giving myself time each week to commit to them. Got 100% in first two module assessments to feeling like I’m back on the learning horse! Progress: GREEN
  • writing – I managed to keep pace with PopOptica and get something out most days and can see the sight growing. Some professional writing coming in too. Now just to find time to get some fiction locked down and this would be perfect. Progress: GREEN
  • health – breaking the routine last month was a BIG mistake as I haven’t got back to it at all. I’m worried about the progress I will have lost and how easy I’m finding it to make excuses. Progress: RED
  • reading – I’m still not interested in reading fiction and professional reading has only been light this year. Progress: RED
  • travel and adventures – we went on a holiday! Only 2 nights but they were absolutely perfect. We had great fun as a family and even those 48 hours helped me to completely refresh. Progress: GREEN
  • volunteer and pro-bono work – picking up a little pro-bono for friends and have started a skills exchange at Reckless Yes. This is probably the best progress on this goal this year. Progress: AMBER


Health is the hardest goal to work on as a second lockdown looms and the days get dark and the weather miserable. Everything else I can see the work I’ve put in over the year paying off so that goal needs more attention in November to get back on track.