As part of being more accountable to myself and keeping focused on the goals I’ve set for the year I’m aiming to check in monthly. This post is mainly for my own benefit…

My professional goals and progress toward them:

  • Letting Go – no update from last month really but actively noticing what I’m saying no to and checking in with myself on why. Progress: GREEN
  • financial – can see the planning I’ve done starting to pay off with bookings further ahead, and clearer understanding of finances. Progress: AMBER
  • learning – with the kids back at school (and me missing their company hugely) I got down to some self-directed learning with a couple of online courses. First one is underway and I’m trying to keep the chunks manageable but keeping dedicated time for them in the weekly calendar. Progress: GREEN
  • writing – another good month on Popoptica although some weeks have been better than others depending on how much work there is to get done elsewhere. Progress: GREEN
  • health – this feel apart a bit this month. After such good progress on Couch25k I let me routine go as things got really busy on a work project. Yoga has also fallen by the wayside. I feel much worse for not keeping committed to both. Progress: RED
  • reading – light reading online only, and mainly on professional bits or to support my course. Progress: RED
  • travel and adventures – our first trip out of the county since March and it felt huge to be 100 miles from home. Progress: GREEN
  • volunteer and pro-bono work – writing for Popoptica counts on this roughly but my ability to donate financially to other causes has been greater than my ability to share time or skills. Progress: AMBER


A bit of a bumpy one this month – delivered professionally but this was at the expense of my health goals. Time to re-align as we head into Autumn.