As part of being more accountable to myself and keeping focused on the goals I’ve set for the year I’m aiming to check in monthly. This post is mainly for my own benefit…

But what a weird month for everyone. A lot of this month for me (like everyone) has been adjusting fast to a new reality, and that’s meant some of this goals don’t feel as important right now, while others seem to have been elevated.


My professional goals and progress toward them:

  • Letting Go – the global pandemic meant a sharp letting go of all planned in work for the rest of the year in one 48 hour window. It’s meant looking quite seriously at contingency and how we adapt medium to long-term at the record label, but it’s also coincided with an interim contract back in the public sector. My independent music PR work (Noble and Wild) will cease with the end of a current campaign and my focus on remaining work is crystal clear even if the future is not. Progress: GREEN / COMPLETED
  • financial – I’m feeling incredibly grateful that things have come together at the right time for me, that I can and do work remotely as a matter of course, and that the financial goals I’ve set are still achievable. It could have very easily been different – as it is for many people right now – so I really do just feel thankful at the moment. Progress: GREEN
  • learning – the research I’d planned is indefinitely on hold, and my learning on my usual subjects is limited too. However homeschooling is providing new opportunities – I’m learning how to support my children’s learning (I’m hesitant to say I teach, as I don’t really) and am learning things alongside them too. Not the expected direction but I’m thankful for it, and enjoying it even. Progress: GREEN
  • writing – blogging here has all but ceased but I’ve enjoyed a feature for the next issue of Louder Than War magazine, and finally getting the planned piece out on Popoptica too. Although I can’t settle my mind to writing fiction at the moment or starting new projects. Progress: AMBER
  • health – we are all currently healthy in the context of the pandemic but lockdown diet needs some improvement, although I’m being more consistent with daily exercise. Progress: AMBER
  • reading – I’ve not read at all in March. I can’t settle my mind to it right now. The most I read are articles related to the virus but I am limiting how much I allow myself to do this. I’m not missing reading right now and I’m sure I’ll settle to something soon, but right now it’s just not a match for my headspace. Progress: RED
  • travel and adventures – travel…well, the planned travel for this month was unsurprisingly and sensibly cancelled and who knows when we’ll be able to travel again. For now it’s one big adventure in finding the new daily rhythm, using our daily exercise wisely on various paths around where we live, and getting back to foraging and being in tune with nature as we do. Progress: GREEN (within current possibilities)
  • volunteer and pro-bono work – I did a few band and artist consultations as everything started kicking off and people looked to move things online and where I can I’m still happy to do these (contact me). I’m sure I’ll pick up more pro-bono work in the coming weeks but again, working within the possible right now. Progress: AMBER


I’m not worrying too much about progress on goals right now as things are so very uncertain and priority has to be the wellbeing and health of my family, and taking whatever time it takes to adjust to the ‘temporary’ normal, and the new normal beyond.

Interesting that the goals I thought would fly in such a situation (reading for example) are those which have nose-dived, and the things I thought I might struggle with have levelled out. Guess it shows that everything is best guesses until you find yourself in the midst of something.