As part of being more accountable to myself and keeping focused on the goals I’ve set for the year I’m aiming to check in monthly. This post is mainly for my own benefit…

Review the goals

My professional goals and progress toward them:

  • Letting Go – work has started in the background to re-organise the various bits of work that I do and refine my focus. This goal is underway and I’ve ticked off some of the milestones I was intending to. I’m encompassing Lean In to this goal too – it’s becoming really important to do the right brand work across my businesses so I’m challenging myself to step outside my comfort zone to do the right work here. Progress: GREEN
  • financial – progress, but not as fast as I’d intended in some areas. One to keep close focus on for me across my activities. I’ve exceeded in some areas but I don’t want to get complacent so it’s continuing with the success I’ve had to build further. Progress: AMBER
  • learning – informal learning has continued through this month but I’ve prioritised other goals over committing to formal learning so far this year. Progress: AMBER
  • writing – I’ve blogged three times here already (I’d aimed for 12 posts across the year), have a piece due on Popoptica this week (again, aiming for 12 there), and two features in Louder Than War’s next issue. I’m feeling good about progress on my writing goal and the pieces I’ve chosen to spend time and energy on, in how they fit with my wider goals. Progress: GREEN
  • health – RED January was a disaster if I’m honest. The chest infection (and more!) from Christmas has lingered well into the New Year and I’ve struggled to feel well enough to push my exercise. The last few days this has picked up so I’m feeling positive about progress from here. Eating well has been far more successful I’m pleased to say and I’m happy I’ve stuck to giving up Diet Coke (not the worst vice perhaps but one I’d decided needed to go). Progress: AMBER
  • reading – I decided to match last year’s total for this year’s reading goal: 36 books in 12 months. In January I’ve read 10. I might need to adjust the goal up! This has been down to reading while resting from the illness (see above) but the Rivers of London series by Ben Aaronvitch was a marvellous discovery which helped lots. Progress: GREEN
  • travel and adventures – I’ve barely left my village so far this year but work away is now picking up so the next few weeks bring London, Leeds, Manchester and rural Lincolnshire back into my sights. We’ll be trying to get away on some adventurous family days at half-term too. Progress: AMBER
  • volunteer and pro-bono work – I haven’t found anywhere to give my time and energy to this month which has been disappointing. I’ll be increasing my efforts in this area over the next month. Progress: RED


I’m pleased with my progress this month – I’ve had some challenging work situations to deal with, some continuing recovery from the bad illness at the end of last year, but have retained focus and daily commitment to progress which I can see paying off one month into 2020.


If you need a hand with anything you’re planning to do in 2020, get in touch. I’m happy to take a look at what you’re currently doing, share my experience to help you build something new, or come in and share some of my knowledge and skills with you and your team. You can get in touch with me here and find out who else I’ve helped recently here

You can find the next dates for the Vital Facebook Skills workshops I run with Dan Slee here – I cover what you need to know about Facebook Ads plus we give you the low down on the algorithm, creating great content, engaging in Groups, the purpose of Pages, and knowing when to engage. I’ll be launching new workshops soon so keep an eye out.