Practical steps and mental hard work…

#weeknotes S02 EP05 – week ending 23 December 2018

This week I launched some new workshops through Noble and Wild, aimed at supporting independent musicians toward success. There’s currently three sessions in the planning: how to earn money as a musician, how to do your own PR, and how to get results from social media. These are common areas I see DIY bands struggling with and in the workshops I’ll be sharing my skills and experience to guide them toward success. If you’re interested you can sign up to the waiting list here.

It’s also been six months since my novel was published and as it’s set at midwinter it’s currently on offer over on Amazon where you can get a copy absolutely free. I’ve had some lovely feedback from readers recently – both in the latest reviews (5 Star! Oh my!) and in those contacting me online. Writing is such an introspective way to experience the world (well, it is the way I did it) and so to now find the world I created exists vividly in other’s minds is thrilling. If you’d like a copy of The Winter Passing find it here.

And as we take a break at Reckless Yes we’ve said our thank yous to those who’ve helped us have our best year yet. We’ll turn three at the end of this coming week and I have to say starting a label with someone I hardly knew is still one of the best reckless yeses I’ve said. Like all the best adventures we’ve weathered some rough seas over the last 12 months, storms which could have sunk us, so it’s with extra joy and gratitude we approach our birthday and sit on our big plans for next year. If you’re part of the Reckless Yes journey in any way – thank you <3

The other thing I did this week (apart from school carol concerts and other end of term activities) was another coaching session with Matt Essam. Matt has been a huge part of my journey in 2018 and his coaching has been intrinsic to me making some overdue creative decisions, but also to doing some work on myself to be able to move forward into 2019 with optimism and gratitude. This week I was thinking about my attitude to money, and also imposter syndrome and in quiet ways I’ll be working on these areas in the coming weeks. If you think a business coach may help you with your creative business success in 2019 I can highly recommend seeing if you’re a good fit for Matt.

What’s next?

It’s Christmas. I’ve a ham to bake, gin to drink and two excited children and a new hamster to keep me busy. So yes, I’m taking some time off to be with family. Not one-eye on the email time off like in previous years but proper present-in-the-moment time off.

I’ll likely post a review of my year next week but I’ll see you for S03 of #weeknotes in 2019 – January is already shaping up to be something really special with trips to Manchester, London, Sheffield, Birmingham and Royal Tunbridge Wells in the diary.