Here we go again then. A new year. A fresh page on the calendar, an empty space full of possibilities.

I don’t do resolutions but I do like to look forward as much as I look back. My intentions are pretty much unchanged from every other year – I still seek consistency rather than a short-lived annual push.

  • Keep embracing the power and the possibility that comes from a reckless yes
  • Live more collaboratively and compassionately
  • Be less self-indulgent yet kinder to myself
  • Spend more time looking people in the eye and meeting up in person
  • Let go of things that need to pass and launch myself into those still to come
  • Spend more time on Scottish beaches
  • Think deeply, share widely
  • Remember there is no spoon but the answer *is* in the network
  • Don’t just listen, hear
  • generally, in all things, JFDI.

And they manifest for this calendar year as these aspirations:

  • Keep writing – hopefully a chance to ease off on the celeb obits but keep writing the other stuff; music, fiction, about the digital stuff. Write.
  • Make music – come on now, it’s time. Last of the teenage dreams left, so let’s do this. Start today.
  • Put on more shows – there’s a load already announced but there’s always room for more, right? RIGHT. (Reckless Yes shows are here by the way).
  • Share wildly – good things happen in collaboration and the answer is still in your network.
  • Find your balance – it was skewed toward digital, then toward music, but you there’s balance to be found between the two.
  • Be scared but do it anyway – because the best adventures are beyond the fence line of your comfort zone
  • Nurture your home – both the body you inhabit and the house you live in.
  • Be with people – do more of that meeting up in person stuff and make time for the people that make it all worth it.
  • Be on your own – time to write that third book.
  • Spend more time on Scottish beaches – do it in ball gowns this time.

Let’s do this…bring on 2017!


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