This morning I posted a self-indulgent review of my 2015 and this is the companion piece; a look forward to what I hope for 2016.

I’m not making resolutions – the same ones just get listed every year so I’m aiming to live well more consistently no matter where the planet is relative to the sun. But the new calendar year does draw me into thinking about possibilities; a blank page upon which some wishes can be scrawled.

This then is my list of general aspirations for 2016 but that probably stand for all years:

  • Keep embracing the power and the possibility that comes from a Reckless Yes
  • Live more collaboratively and compassionately
  • Be less self-indulgent yet kinder to myself
  • Spend more time looking people in the eye and meeting up in person
  • Let go of things that need to pass and launch myself into those still to come
  • Spend more time on Scottish beaches and less time sat in traffic
  • Think deeply, share widely
  • Remember there is no spoon but the answer *is* in the network
  • Don’t just listen, hear
  • generally, in all things, JFDI.

There are a few aspirations that are forming into goals in different areas of my life but there are more things which are still waiting to become clear. A few things I’m already working on:

  • Do at least two Noble and Wild shows in 2016
  • More music. More words. Enjoy seeing Louder Than War grow – love what you do
  • Write more, write better – as a journalist, blogger and author
  • Read more. Start with that pile of books by the bed
  • Let others read you – get The Winter Passing out there
  • Live the good life – patch, pantry and parenting are more important than ever this year
  • Relight the fire under something from years ago and reveal Gneiss Gneiss
  • Start something new, make it ridiculous, drag other people along with you
  • Travel (or at least don’t stand still)
  • Spend more time on Scottish beaches (did I say that already? No matter. It’s important)
  • Damn The Man, Save The Empire!

Let’s do this…bring on 2016!


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