commscampHere’s the scene. It’s a hot summer Thursday and you’ve just made yourself really popular by navigating rush hour on the train while carrying a precious load of home-baked cake.

You’ve joined a walking bus and made your way through the streets of Birmingham to arrive, excited and in need of coffee, at CommsCamp 2015.

What you want now is to hear Communication by Spandau Ballet through the PA as you get your name badge and boggle at the Kate Bentham‘s cake table of delights. Or would you rather hum along to Hanging on the Telephone by Blondie, or Speakeasy by Shed Seven, or go new wave with Wordy Rappinghood by Tom Tom Club (that last one goes out to a colleague of mine)?

Well, whatever you want to get in your ears as you psych yourself up for a day of thinking and doing with other comms professionals now is your chance to get your request in.

That’s right the CommsCamp Collaborative Communication-themed Playlist is back, Back, BACK and I, ladies and gentlemen, will be your DJ once again.

I’ll be spinning a selection of songs explicitly (or tenuously!) linked to all things communication on the virtual wheels of steel this Thursday (9 July) at CommsCamp 2015 (yes, I’ll be pressing play on a Spotify playlist and then making a beeline for a breakfast cake).

Music at unconferences works really well, adding to the creative and informal nature of the event, and I love being able to contribute in this way.  Last year we all collaborated on a playlist and I’ve taken some of those suggestions and added some new tracks too – already giving us 37 tracks and a massive 2 hours 16 minutes of tunes!

Over the next few days you have your chance to add more songs to the list. If you’re on Spotify you can find the collaborative playlist here and if you’re not you can add your suggestions in the comments below.

Keep it comms, get ready to pull shapes and I’ll see you all at the breakfast disco this Thursday!


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