I’ve was pleased to be asked by Guardian Public Leaders to write a piece for their digital series on how digital advances have benefited a sector, and what the future might hold. My piece covers how far local government has come and what emerging technology could bring to its future.

You can read the piece here.

For me, local government hasn’t really grasped the potential of digital so far – as I say in the article digital offers, quality and aspiration varies wildly across the sector. In looking to the future my biggest hope is that local government can begin really open its eyes to the opportunities and be brave with the radical changes it will mean to really be ‘digital by design’ (hat tip to Carrie Bishop for this wonderful phrase).

But as the brief was for crystal ball gazing I did some of that as well – talking about Google Glass, the internet of things, addressing the digital divide, transforming the workforce and embracing iterative, agile innovation.

It would be great to hear your thoughts on how far the sector has come and what might lie in its future – leave me a comment or find me on Twitter.