I’m pleased to finally announce that Carl Haggerty and I have come good on our UK GovCamp 2012 pledge to found an online space for discussions and knowledge sharing on digital content strategy in local government and wider public sector.

This week we launched the Digital Content Strategy group on the Knowledge Hub and we’re hoping this will be a good starting point to build a community. share knowledge and files, have discussions and bring together blog posts on the subject.

Over the last couple of months we’ve tried out a couple of different online spaces to try and make what we envisioned a reality but, for now, KHub seems to be closest fit and the place where most practitioners can access and are happy to share stuff.

While we’re intending to focus the group on content strategy in local government the group is open and so if you feel it would be a good place to learn and share from your own work in or around the sector please do join us. You can get started by joining the KHub and then joining the group.

Carl and I will be facilitating the group but if you’d like to join us then just drop one of us a line.

Let’s get the Digital Content Strategy in local gov conversations underway…

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