What do you understand by content strategy?

Does this mean anything to you or is it just another ‘buzz’ phase you’ve heard floating around? Is it something you’ve been working on for ages but you call it your ‘website strategy’? Is it something you think you should have but don’t know where to start?

Well, as part of our ongoing quest to establish the level of content strategy in place in local government and Carl Haggerty and I have put together a little survey to find out a bit more about what people know, what they’re doing and what they’d be able to share (if anything)!

As they always say with these things, it will only take a few minutes to fill in but your responses will provide Carl and I with many more hours of chin stroking, deep thinking, inspiration and excitement on the subject. Not only that but we’re hopeful what we learn from you all will help kick-start the content strategy community we’re currently pulling an online space together for.

So, over to you, let us in on your thoughts on content strategy in local government* We’ll keep the survey open until the end of February to give you a chance to fill it in and pass the link round. I, for one, am really looking forward to finding out where everyone else is at with this!

Oh, and of course, thanks in advance!

Click here to take survey

*And if you don’t work in local gov fill in the suvey anyway – your information will also be helpful to us!