A quick post from me this week as time seems to be getting away from me!

I thought I’d just share some of the reading I’ve been doing recently and see if anyone else wanted to share what they’ve found useful (or, I suppose what they’ve found hasn’t been worth the time and effort).

So, in terms of non-fiction reading I’ve recently been getting my eyes around:

Both these books are from the New Riders Voices That Matter series and are not only interesting and in many ways inter-linked but are in a format that’s easily digestable and quick to go back to.

I’m part way through both books at the moment but I think Clout is raising some interesting questions for me in terms of content and engagement strategy as well as strengthing some of the ideas I’ve been pursuing with Carl Haggerty about making content multi-platform and purpose.

Undercover UX had me right from the start as it sets out that ‘forgiveness is easier than permission’ and recognises the culture change needed within organisations before this stuff can be embedded. I think it’s important to keep that in mind with frustration at (lack of) progress rears its head.

Is anyone else reading either of these and using any of the suggestions in a localgov setting? Or are you reading something else (to do with UX, content strategy or performance, or social media as a channel) that you would recommend?