So long, farewell, it’s time to say goodbye. At least, it’s nearly time for me to bid a temporary adieu to working in local gov.

These are my last few days before maternity leave and it feels strange to be stepping away from the front line but I have vital work to be doing on the home front.

Of course, just because I won’t be an active employee doesn’t mean my connection to local gov will severed completely.

I’ll be Citizen Sarah and looking in from the outside which I think could be interesting and valuable to my day job longer term. I’ve also got some intense work to do on my dissertation (web content strategy in e-Gov) before the bump is allowed to become baby. I’ll also be keeping up with what inspiring localgov peers/friends are doing through the wonder of digital.

So, come 5pm (or thereabouts) on 11 November I shall be demobbed and on my way. This blog may become sporadic and have a slightly different take on things but I’m hoping I’ll still have things to say and share about digital gov and online comms.

In the meantime, smoke me a kipper, I’ll be back for breakfast*.

*In around July 2011.

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