This, I like. It appeals to both the social media and history geek parts of me.

Picture the Past and Buxton Museum are running the Derbyshire In Film project as part of Museum Buddies (MuBu) scheme.

It’s early days but they’re using social media to share images from the collection as they are digitised. There are already some great sets on their Flickr page (Chatsworth, Derby County FC, Goose Fair and Nottinghamshire Cricket) as well as a pretty well populated Facebook page and Twitter stream.

They’re also blogging about their work on the MuBu platform and I’m hoping that as they add more content and more people find them it could lead to some great sharing of social history and personal collections.

I think the only thing I’d like to see added (other than more content) is a location visual – plotting where these images or bits of film are of in the East Midlands (a bit like History Pin I suppose). Perhaps this is to come…

Anyway, well worth a look, a like or a follow if you’re into old images, social history or museums using social media.

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