Fancy being an eContent officer at Derbyshire County Council just like me?

Well, we’re currently advertising for just that – on a 12 month contract. This is mainly because myself and another of the officers have both got maternity leave coming up.

You can see the advert on the Jobs Derbyshire website as well as a job description and person spec – you can even apply online! The JD is, well it’s a job description and doesn’t go into the minute detail of the job.

If you’ve read anything on this blog or work or follow digital comms and engagement for local government you’ll have a good idea of what it might involve: content and task management for websites, digital development, reputation management etc etc etc. You can of course drop an email (as per the job ad – not to me) for an informal chat.

So if you fancy seizing the opportunity to continue developing our digital portfolio for the good of citizens and the organisation I urge you to apply!

Closing date is 26 September.

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