– technical problems aside the first thing Mike Saunt did was plug his brand new Twitter account. Welcome to Twitter!
– still with the techy probs – @davebriggs suggesting presentation expressed in medium of dance.
– Reboot and restart. Here we go…
– Mike – is not a webby
– Is Twitter a fad or a new media
– cool tech – AJAX etc
– Power of the desk (how gov has changed)
– All about data
– cash saving data with example from South Tynside around NI14
– What is web 2.0? Social networks / collaboration. More than this. Transition to full fledged community platform. Networks are social side but also a tech side.
– Twitter – do ppl really follow council Twitters? Councillor activities, what happens about mistakes? who is paying (US model), what happened to RSS?
– Showed real power with big stories – MJ, Iranian elections, Mumbai.
– Local councils – snow, swine flu, internal comms also cool things such as Twitterplan (@pezholio up later about this)
– Acronyms – who knows what AJAX, CSS, RSS, TLA stands for???
– Details of AJAX
– Cool tech shouldn’t be the only access – DDA, accessibility regardless of tech.
– e-gov to t-gov moved from data silos and owners and now shared data with custodians
– @skepticmike talking about power of the desk – diff between beaurocrat / civil servant. How the world has changed, how ppl want to access services.
– Everyone still learning – Google get web, some don’t.
– Do councils get it? New medium, strategies need to change
– mash ups – PlanningAlerts, FixMyStreet and BBCTravelNews examples of data mashing
– PlanningAlerts – put in postcode to receive RSS of relevant planning apps, links to GoogleMaps
– easy to mash things up to make it easier for ppl to communicate with council or for council to communicate with ppl
– brave move to do some live scripting – esp given tech problems and wifi being shaky around the room (too many tweeps?)
– most of this is over my head as I am comms not tech but it looks really interesting.Could do with longer explanation in Captain DummyTalk though 🙂