Post-event notes (Updated 9 July 2009):

We’ve been really interested in the work that Newcastle City Council have been doing for a while. They have a really good and well-followed Twitter and a good common-sense approach to listening and joining the conversation.
So it was great to be able to hear this presentation on why it’s important to listen, what the danger is if you don’t and how Newcastle got to where they are now.
Alistair made some really good points about online vs offline conversation and comments and shared some examples of what is happening in the online space.
Having been asked to give the rest of our public relations team a canter through social media soon there were lots of great bits in this presentation which have got me thinking about what I want to cover with our guys and how and why.
There is some good new stuff on the cards for Alistair and Newcastle and they’re developing an interesting Twitter model. Looking forward to a web-friendly version of the presentation being available 🙂

Alistair has also blogged about his presentation.

What I wrote at the time:

– citizensheep has good flowchart for managing online reputationter
– Internets are places to talk
– Libraries with all the books on the floor
– they can say what they like online – what would you do if they said it offline down the pub etc?
– how do we control online comments?
– loose tweets sink fleets
– know what everyone is using socmed for. Don’t make same mistake as habitat
– control of officers? control of councillors? example of Plymouth cllrs inappropriate tweet
– NCL – one central twitter feed. RSS news, events, jobs and events. Plus extra like the bid for the world cup.
– More ppl look at news on twitter / jobs on website
– Libraries twitter @toolibraries – library news + extras. started them off by providing content, provided training, now up to them to run.
0 @Cityeye events
– @NCL101 – customer service & local info – not final name! Run from contact centre – agents twitter enquiries! US model. (Move on from SMS tying into CRM)
– promote info from specific channels to top channels
– new ways of working – used to view it as faceless organisation – now Al is ‘face of newcastle’ (and epic visionary!)
– more chatty and personal. respond.
– soft launch / beta test
– new project coming with flickr – cut costs from council rather than buying in from agency. Approach local users of flickr – offer rewards for ppl willing to share pics (access to closed buildings, cover of citizen mag).
– Peter Holt – what does success look like?
– can measure in numbers – followers, click-throughs, unique visitors
– impact you have in real world lasts longer than that in the online world
– people will say bad things about you anyway – whether you are there or not!

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