I’ve had some interesting email exchange with Ian Vaughan of Neath Port Talbot County Borough Council today about intranets in the public sector.
They are currently planning an intranet redesign and so Ian is looking to find out more about what other councils are up to. This got me thinking about our own position (again) and where we want to go with our own intranet and internal comms tools.
We’re not in a position to go forward with the major overhaul of our own intranet at the moment due to other project work needing to be completed. But we’ve had it on the cards for a while and I (and the rest of the team) are itching to get to the point where we can take a serious look at what we’ve got, what we could have and go out and chat with employees about what they think we should end up with.
Intranets, generally, fascinate me. Possibly because I am nosey and anything that appears secret (which an intranet, by nature, is) needs investigating. Possibly because I am as passionate about the internal audience and online communication as I am about the external counterpart.
When our time comes (soon, make it soon) I hope to be able to find others willing to allow me to peek over their (fire)wall at what they’ve got. In the meantime I hope you might be willing to share what you’ve got with Ian? DM me on Twitter and I’ll pass on his email address – or leave a comment and I’ll nudge him to contact you himself.
Ian has also just completed his thesis research and has some info on web 2.0/social media usage in local gov which I am sure he would be willing to exchange for your intranet knowledge / thoughts 😉