I’m delighted to have had a shout out from the research community about the work I am about to undertake on my thesis.
The lovely Liz Azyan introduced me via her Local Government Engagement Online Research Blog and the post is both flattering and hopefully really useful in letting others working in the sector know I will be pestering them shortly.
I have been thrilled that the online local gov community have been so interested, positive and supportive of my work so far and I’m hoping to build on these relationships further as my research gets underway.
Things may seem a little quiet at the moment but I am still beavering away on the taught modules of my MA. I am currently looking at Digital Media and Society and doing some skills building ready for the thesis next year.
I’m also busy in my day job – on the non-technical side of the eContent team at Derbyshire County Council. We’ve just launched a new section of the site ready for the elections on 4 June and this marks some big steps forward for us in terms of integrating and making use of social media.
Anyway, another big thank you to Liz for taking the time to give me such a postive introduction after already being a big help in pointing me in this direction and sharing some tips about the real life of researchers.
If you want to follow me please find me on Twitter (@sarahlay) or check out my full background on LinkedIn.

2 thoughts on “New kid on the block

  1. Hi Sarah,
    Just getting around to leave a comment here. You’re doing such great work here on your blog, I’m honoured to have had the chance to give you an introduction! Your views and efforts should be acknowledged even more as you’re definitely breaking grounds here. Please let me know if you ever need any help Sarah!

    Liz xxx

  2. Thanks Liz – I don’t feel like I’m breaking any new ground but certainly hope I am helping in some way in this developing, and vital, area of communications! Your help and support is very much appreciated and LGEO Research is an amazing resource for the sector – not only have you given me an introduction over there but you’ve been an inspiration too 🙂 Sx

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