I’m surprised and pleased by how this week has gone. Especially givent he sense of dread I felt on Monday with Batter Connected 2009 out and a trip to the dentist scheduled.
But we managed to raise ourselves a little in BC09 and the dental work has been put off for another time. Black Monday turned out to be merely a pale grey.
And the sun shone through the rest of the week with the green light being given to several ideas / projects the team had been putting forward for a while.
A happy ending to the week as @Derbyshirecc was launched into the Twittersphere as our first social media endeavour. Next week move two is on the cards and even though these are baby steps they feel like they have been so long coming it’s hard not to feel elated!
I’m almost allowing myself to believe that we’re turning a corner and all the stuff that was holding us back last year may get resolved.
Add to that the smugness I am still feeling over a marvellous result on my ‘ Social Psychological Theory in Computer-Mediated Communication’ piece and yes, I think this week can be chalked up as a good one.