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Epic Social Media for the Public Sector – Scotland

I had a great time this week speaking at the Epic Social Media for the Public Sector event in Glasgow this week and thought I’d do a quick round-up of the presentations and the thoughts that occurred to me. Slides and videos for the presentations will be available on the Public Sector Web Network website soon and there is also lots of good soundbites from the day on the #epicsm hashtag. Here’s a brief overview …

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All aboard for #lgovsm 18/03/11

I took on the task of piloting the regular Friday lunchtime #lgovsm chat last week, gently steering participants in an online conversation about the tools in our kits, what we’d recommend as essential to others and how we discover new stuff. I had a blast doing it and I hope others got something out of it. I’ve tried to sum up the main points and things I took from the discussion but the full transcript …

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What’s going on?

Well, for me, it’s time to start making a slight return to the day job. I’m still on my maternity leave with son number 2 (now 11 weeks old) but I had my first ‘keep in touch’ day in the office yesterday. I feel far more ‘in touch’ this time round than I did on my first maternity leave in 2007 and that is mostly because I’m still dipping into the digital stream. I’m still …

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