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Death of a party

Is it time to call time on Facebook for organisations?

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ReallyUsefulDay – GDS meets localgov

An exciting day out in London today at the Government Digital Service / LocalDirectGov Really Useful Day, looking at the user journeys between GovUK and council websites. Hosted at DCLG, the day had a practical bent as after some initial background information was given we broke into groups and focused on re-working a user task to come up with an ideal wireframe for the journey. In the morning sessions we looked at tasks a citizen …

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Cannibal ambition

The one in which I consider my place in things… A few days ago, in conversation, someone called me ambitious. She was not being unkind and yet my instinctual reaction was to recoil in horror from the tag. I do not think of myself as ambitious and that’s because in my internal thesaurus the word is interchangeable with ‘ruthless’, ‘isolated’ and ‘power-hungry’. I do not like to think I am any of those things although …

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