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Style and substance: A digital content standard for local government

LocalGov Digital publishes a digital content standard.

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What’s your style?

I have been fighting the Battle of Excessive Capitalisation. This battle is but one in a war against legalese, verbosity and poor grammar which is fought daily in trying to set and maintain clear communication online (and probably in offline comms too, although that’s not my area). So, where is it written that we capitalise this but not that (apart from Strunk and White or in grammar 101)? Well, you’ve got a style guide right? …

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Power to the People (reprise)

I first blogged asking for people to share their experience of devolving authorship responsibility back in June. From the response I had then and since it seems that this is a thorny issue that many of us (as local government web people) are grappling with. As a theory, creating content for an organisation’s website and sharing responsibility for its maintenance by devolving the authorship (allowing many to write and publish) is a pretty fine idea. …

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