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Where did all the girl Devs go?

I’ve been thinking about women in tech again recently. Or rather the lack of women in tech / digital. It’s something that makes it way to the front of the thought queue every couple of weeks but got a boost a few days ago when I was sent the infographic below off the back of my post about women and ambition. The infographic shows that girls are smarter than boys but perform worse when asked …

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Is there anybody out there?

In the last few days I’ve been thinking a lot about audiences, assumptions and effort. Partly this follows on from the presentation I gave at Epic Social Media for the Public Sector in Exeter a couple of weeks ago, partly it’s from conversations which have passed through my Twitter timeline, partly the content strategy stuff and partly because I’m questioning absolutely everything at the moment. What’s really bothering my brain cells at the moment is …

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A little light reading

A quick post from me this week as time seems to be getting away from me! I thought I’d just share some of the reading I’ve been doing recently and see if anyone else wanted to share what they’ve found useful (or, I suppose what they’ve found hasn’t been worth the time and effort). So, in terms of non-fiction reading I’ve recently been getting my eyes around: Clout: The art and science of influential web …

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