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Social networks & their place in business

And now for something completely different… Continuing with the guest posts we have Matt Saunders of Northern Web (web design and marketing) with a post about social networks and businesses. This is a step away from the usual public sector / online stuff I post but a change is as good as a rest (and I’m having both right now) so have a read and look at things from a different angle! (and also check …

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What I use and why

I read an interesting post by Carl Haggerty recently called ‘Why do you participate with social media?’ which he’d written after seeing a presentation on the subject. I have, on occasion, asked myself the same question – why do I participate? Broadly (and a bit lazily) I usually summarise with a) It’s useful and interesting b) It helps me and is essential to my work c) for my studies d) I enjoy it. Those points …

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Getting the conversation started

I gave a presentation last week to other teams in the public relations division here. They covered an overview of social media and its use in online communications. Generally I think the presentations were well received and hopefully will help us make some moves on updating existing policies and making use of relevant social media to evolve our online communications. There were also some really interesting discussions in both of the groups and I wanted …

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