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Gov geeks headed for London on Thursday 4 March and gathered for another LocalGovCamp unconference. With so much to pack into a day we were asked to use just one word to describe why we’d come along and what we hoped to get out of the day as we did a round of introductions. My word was ‘change’. Here’s a quick round up of the sessions I made it to: Mapping Headed up by Peter …

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Social internal communications

I’ve done some switching around in my time on the old internal / external communications front. I started out as a journalist, became and intranet manager and now sit (sometimes uncomfortably) on the fence as an all purpose online communications officer. My role covers both our external and internal sites and I am beyond fascinated (nearing the city limits of Obsession sometimes) with how the social web can drive them both for communication and engagement. …

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Wave potential

The swell of hype has been building in the geek community over Google Wave for a while and a couple of week’s ago the next stage of the launch happened – 100,000 received invites to have a play and see the platform for themselves. It’s early days (it’s only in preview, not even Beta yet) but having had a couple of Waves now I thought I would blog some initial thoughts. I’m not going to …

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