I’m only too happy to be contacted by people interested in my work or me!

Find me at one of the following places online:

email – sarahllay [at] gmail [dot] com

LinkedIn – http://www.linkedin.com/in/sllay

Twitter – http://twitter.com/sarahlay (this is where I mainly hang out, still)

Facebook – http://www.facebook.com/sllay

You can also find me on Instagram and Spotify as SerenoftheStars.

You can find me on G+ – I’m listed twice depending whether you’re interested in my local government and digital stuff or my music journalism with Louder Than War!

Other blogs and spaces:

My author profile at Louder Than War – http://www.louderthanwar.com/author/sarah-lay. You can email me at Louder Than War on sarahlay [at] louderthanwar [dot] com

Noble and Wild and on Twitter and Facebook. You can email me at Noble and Wild on sarah [at] wearenobleandwild [dot] com.

LocalGov Digital practitioner network steering group and on Twitter

I write fiction as Riley Reynolds and you can find me on Twitter.

Older spaces

I used to use these a lot more than I do now:

Mirror of the Graces

My love of music and social media has led to the creation of the Epic Mixtape project. You can find out more at http://epicmixtape.wordpress.com.