The time is upon me where I must get some clarity about what my thesis will focus on next year. My dissertation will complete my part time study for a masters in eCommunication.
My ideas so far have been pretty vague and I’ve got only as far as deciding that my study will look at social media usage by local government. I’ve come across a couple of other people already researching this area but don’t think much has been done as it is such a new area.
Anyway, I’ve had a few ideas about what I might look at:

  • local government use of social media to engage with young citizens
  • library service use of social media and effect on take up of service

I am being encouraged to concentrate on service specific research as the other research so far looks to map who is doing what and why. While I don’t want to repeat existing research I would also like to think that whatever I look at will be of use within my organisation but perhaps also to others working in the sector.
So local government web people – is there anything you would like more research on or would find particularly interesting and useful for going forward? I obviously don’t want other people to decide my thesis for me but would certainly be interested in hearing the thoughts of my fellow local gov webbies.
Thanks in advance to anyone who takes the time to read, think or respond to this!